Peanut Butter, Pomegranate & Coconut Crispbread

The perfect combo of crunchy, sweet and salty finished with those bursting gems of pomegranate. Crispbread heaven you say?

2 x Amisa Crispbread of your choice (we used Buckwheat)
1 tbsp crunchy salted peanut butter
1 tbsp pomegranate seeds
1 tsp coconut flakes

  1. Spread your peanut butter generously on each crispbread. (We think the crunchy, salted variety works best with the sweet pomegranate.)
  2. Spoon on as many pomegranate seeds as you can squeeze onto each crispbread!
  3. Crumble over some coconut flakes, (or desiccated coconut) for that extra crunch. Enjoy!


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