Raspberry & Chocolate Crispbread Millefeuille

Our crispbread topping game has just levelled-up with this incredibly easy 'millefeuille'. An exceptionally fancy looking mid-morning snack, or a last minute dinner party dessert, it's up to you. Here's the recipe, if we can even call it that!

-2 Amisa Rice and Amaranth Crispbreads
-2 heaped tsp of chocolate hazelnut spread
-100g fresh raspberries
-A handful of coconut chips (or other decoration of your choice)

  1. Spread one crispbread liberally with the chocolate spread and place two rows of raspberries on top, tops-side down.
  2. Spread a thin layer on one side of the second crispbread (to help stick to the raspberries below) and a thicker layer on the other side. Place the crispbread on top of the rows of raspberries.
  3. Top the stack with another two rows of raspberries, and sprinkle on some coconut chips. Enjoy!


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