Vegan Charcuterie Board

A moorish platter, perfect for sharing with friends, family and everyone else!

Amisa Organic Chickpea Crisp Bread

Amisa Organic Falafel Mix 

Amisa Organic Classic Baguette 

Baby carrots 

Radish, sliced 

Beetroot houmous

Vine cherry tomatoes

Rocket leaves

Cucumber, cut in sticks 

Baby peppers




  1. Cook Amisa Falafel Mix according to package instructions. 
  2. Bake Amisa Organic Classic Baguette according to instructions.
  3. In the centre of a large prepared board, lay down the bowls of hummus.
  4. Fill another bowl with the marinated olives and set on the board.
  5. Around the outside of the board, lay down the Amisa Organic Chickpea Crisp Bread, classic baguette and falafels.
  6. Around the center bowl, layer the vegetables.
  7. Fill in any open areas with more crispbread and almonds. Serve!


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